The Ups of Downs provides services for families, in Warwickshire and the surrounding counties, who have a child with Down syndrome. These include weekly activity groups, specialist training for parents and teaching professionals and specialist Speech and Language Therapy sessions for the children.

We are always looking for supporters to work with us to provide learning interventions and training and to be part of our advocacy role in working towards people with Down syndrome being valued and accepted as a normal element of the society we all live in.

Any donation you are able to give will, in its entirety, directly improve a child’s life. All administrators and Trustees are volunteers and take no financial reward for the work they do for The Ups of Downs.

All families, if they can afford to, pay towards the services they access to engender value and commitment.

We are currently recruiting supporters for a variety of initiatives.
Please contact us if you would like to be involved.


Will subsidise an early intervention session for 2 children.


Will subsidise a Speech and Language Therapy session for 1 child.


Will subsidise one week of Saturday Group for 6 children.


Will subsidise a nursery school twilight training event.


Will subsidise a training event for teachers to attend.


Will subsidise 6 months of Youth Clubs.